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Wi-Fi Router

300Mbps Qualcomm Module(EC200A) Wifi LTE Router CPE 4G LTE Wifi Routers with Sim Card Slot

Product Model: KW-N7503S

Product Description

Breaking the speed limit! 300Mbps router, Qualcomm chip(EC200), 4G module.

Unleash speed with Qualcomm. Our advanced 300Mbps router features the premium Qualcomm chip, delivering unrivaled performance. Stream HD, download effortlessly. Elevate your network with Qualcomm’s excellence.
Purchase now for a speed leap and endless possibilities!

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  • 4G LTE Router with Qualcomm Module EC200A
  • 300 Mbps Wireless Speed : 300 Mbps Wi-fi allows stable speed for wireless activities . such as streaming , surfing , browsing and posting soclal medla
  • Wifi Range: Better Coverage – The extemal 5DB high-gain antenna provides stable wireless connectivity and better coverage
  • Easy Bandwidth Management : Advanced Qos makes it easier for you to manage the bandwidth of connected devices
  • Superior Stability : Powerful processor enables you to connect up to 32 wireless devices with ease
  • Watch Dog : Ensure that the machine can run for a long time and restart automatically in case of failure
  • Ease of use, combining reliability and security


With the future of home entertainment becoming more and more wire free, EDUP’s family of  Home Network devices take advantage of the latest in technology, bringing both entertainment and convenience together at last.