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IP68b Waterproof and Dustproof Starlink V2 Cable Replacement SPX to RJ45 Adapter Ethernet Adapter For Starlink Gen 2

Product Model: EP-SK0070(For Starlink Gen 2)

Product Description

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IP68b Waterproof High-Quality Material:
Cables made of 24AWG single-core bare copper and shielded with premium anti-aging layers, ensure up to 1200Mbps transmission speed and stable power supply for your starlink device.

Important Installation Tips:
An excessively high contact resistance can result in a voltage drop across the circuit, leading to operational abnormalities in Starlink, we recommend you use single Cat6 or better ethernet cable WITHOUT coupler/extender, make sure the length does not exceed 175ft when using with genuine Gen 2 router. For home-made crimp ethernet cable, ensure a solid connection between high-quality RJ45 ends and cable. Make sure a proper installation of the waterproof socket, do not twist or tear cable ends.

RVers Special Tips:
In scenarios requiring a thrid party’s PoE injector and Ethernet cable coupler/extender, due to the unstable output power of third party’s PoE injector and excessive contact resistance may cause voltage drop, opt for Cat6A or better cables with 23AWG or higher and high-quality RJ45 ends for a reliable connection, make sure regular ethernet cable length should NOT exceed 75ft between dish and your PoE device.


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