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Starlink-Compatible Type-C Rechargeable AX1800 Mini Portable Wireless Wifi6 Wifi 6 OpenWRT Router for Outdoor/Travel/RV Use

Product Model: EP-RT2656

Product Description

Mini Portable AX1800 Wifi 6 Router(EP-RT2656),this router is specifically selected by our company to match our STARLINK series products. It is very suitable for outdoor use, during travel and in RVs.

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1. Support Multi-Devices Connect Mode
Provide stable Wi-Fi connection,which can meet more wireless terminal access,more efficient data transmission in LAN,reduce data congestion and network latency,and smoother voice video,Online VOD and Online games.

2. Portable Design
The compact size is designed for easy portability and provides high-speed Internet access on family vacations,long trips or commutingjourneys.Take it with you and enjoy your journey.

3. Multi Working Modes
Provide wireless access point,wireless routing,wireless client,wireless relay,wireless bridging
five working modes to meetthe different Internet needs of users.

4. TYPE C Power Supply
Provide Type C power connector,can be powered by the included high-quality original charger,and also through the mobile power supply,more flexibleuse

Product Features
Wireless 11AXrate:1775MbpsWi-Fi speed for your daily internet needs;
802.11AX:backward compatible with 802.11b/g/n/ax products;
Easy bandwidth management:bandwidth control assigns the required speed to each connected device to ensure network quality.

2. Easy Operation
Intuitive user interface:ensures quick and easy installation without any hassle;
Quick encryption:WPS button One click to set up WPA security encryption.

Guest networks:Create separatenetworks for guests and friends to keep the main network secure;
Access Control Create white or blacklists to allowor restrict access to the network for specific devices;
Network security encryption:WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK network encryption provides aggressive protection from security threats.


With the future of home entertainment becoming more and more wire free, EDUP’s family of  Home Network devices take advantage of the latest in technology, bringing both entertainment and convenience together at last.