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Choose The Best Plan For Your MiFi

There are many different options for MiFi  providers today, but if you have a MiFi or other portable wireless device, you are faced with a plethora of choices. So how do you discover the best possible option and choose the best plan for your MiFi? If you already have a plan with one of the […]

The Risk Of Public WiFi

We all enjoy and need high speed Internet access. It’s part of our daily life. There are couple of options out there for the world to stay connected through Wi-Fi hotspots, but it can get confusing, so we’re gonna break it down for you. Public Wi-Fi networks found in coffee shops, libraries, airports, parks, hotels […]

Traveling Abroad With WiFi

Getting Wifi Abroad: Finding Data Sims And More In Foreign Countries When you’re traveling, finding internet access is perhaps one of the most important things and biggest priorities once you reach your destination(s). And it is even more important if you are traveling abroad, particularly in a place where you may not speak the language. […]