Traveling Abroad With WiFi

Getting Wifi Abroad: Finding Data Sims And More In Foreign Countries
When you’re traveling, finding internet access is perhaps one of the most important things and biggest priorities once you reach your destination(s). And it is even more important if you are traveling abroad, particularly in a place where you may not speak the language.
Getting online when you’re traveling to a foreign country may seem like a simple task, especially if you’re American and used to the prevalence of free or inexpensive Wifi. However, the rest of the world hasn’t necessarily caught on, and Wifi may be pricey, painfully slow, or downright unavailable.
What’s more, even if there is a free or relatively reasonably priced Wifi option, actually connecting to it may put you at risk for identity theft or similar issues. Not all Wifi connections are safe, after all (granted, this could be the case anywhere, but it could be particularly stressful or dangerous when you’re traveling in a foreign country).
So what’s a tech-savvy traveler to do? There are three main options – SIM cards, MiFis, and upgrading your mobile plan (well, there are always internet cafes or hotel business centers, but c’mon – those are for backpackers, technophobes, and the desperate).