EDUP Hongkong Fair

Do you know more about 5G & AC WiFi after Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show?

We EDUP attended Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show from 11th to 14th April 2016. And our oversea department members have been there to meet friends from all over the world.
EDUP Charlie with his customers
EDUP Rhett and his customers
EDUP Ryan with his customers

EDUP Rebecca meet her friend from Russia

We took the following product there:
1.5.8G Dual Band /AC Wi-Fi USB Adapter
2.2.4G Wi-Fi USB Adapter
3.Wifi Network Extender—AP/CPE/Wi-Fi Booster
4.Wifi Router—High Power Wi-Fi Router/Enterprise Wi-Fi Router/ADSL Router/3G Wi-Fi Router
5.Home Entertainment Product—Bluetooth Music Receiver and Transmitter/Wi-Fi Disk
Do You Still Remember Our Product?
Dual Band Wi-Fi USB Adapter EP-AC1605
Dual Band Wi-Fi Adapter EP-DB1607
Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver EP-BTR3511
AC Wifi USB Adapter EP-AC1601
Wi-Fi Access Point EP-AP2613 and AC Wifi Router EP-AC2632


The main product for this show were Dual Band Wi-Fi Products, such as dual band Wi-Fi USB adapter, dual band Wi-Fi AP, and dual band Wifi Router, Dual Band Wi-Fi Booster.
Stronger Signal Gain Wifi Adapter with Atenna
Dual band access point
Dual Band 1200Mbps Wifi USB Adapter
dual band wifi adapter

But why 5G products have been choosed for this show?Let’s come to the point.
For IEEE802.11n 2.4G standard, there are total 13 channels. But only channels 1,6,11(or13) are pure. And all other channel will mutually interfere. For example, Channel 3 will interface channel 1~6 and channel 9 will interface 6~13.However, for IEE802.11AC 5.8G standard, there are total 21 Channels. That means there will be more 8 channels for Wi-Fi transmission. For example, there are 13 roads for all vehicles, but now there are 21 roads for all vehicles, but only the new vehicles (5.8G Wi-Fi products) can drive on the 5 new roads and also the old roads. You can imagine there are no traffic jams. That’s 5G.

By the way, do you know many other products also share with 2.4G channels? Such as Bluetooth products (Bluetooth speaker/earphone, etc.), microwave and so on. 2.4G channels will be more and more crowded.

Note: The channels quantity may vary from different country. Here just take China situation as example.

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