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Wi-Fi Booster

4W Wifi Wireless Broadband Amplifier Router Signal Booster

Product Model: EP-AB007

Product Description

1.Brand new and high quality.
2. Low-noise receive gain.
3. Signal activity LED indicates.
4. High Gain, High Value, High Performance.
5. Maximum output power of 4000mW by the Booster.
6. Plug-and-play, Easy installation, no driver needed.
7. 4W wifi wireless broadband amplifier router is ideal for increase the 2400-2500 MHz frequency devices.
8. Increase the effective range and coverage area of your Wi-Fi network.
9. Simply attach the booster in between the standard antenna on a wireless router or wireless access point and watch your range grow.
10. The amplified wireless signal may even penetrate complex environments with many walls and obstacles.
11. Ideal for use with 2.4GHz Wireless LANs, Support 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n (2.4Ghz mode only).

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1.Recommend the input power.
2.Make sure all power supply to the booster and the AP/Router unit be disconnected before removing or changing antenna.
3.When finishing connecting the booster and the AP/Router, restore power supply first to the booster and then to AP/Router subsequently.
4.Waterproof, lightning protection equipment should be attached to outdoor antenna.
5. Keep away from heat and keep ventilated.
6. Please comply with local regulations of electromagnetic radiation.

NOTE: The item need connect with the Access Point /Router together, then it can work and the Access Point Router is NOT included.


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