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Industrial Router

EDUP 300Mbps 4G Industrial Wifi Router with Dual SIM Slot

Product Model: AZ802

Product Description

The AZ802 is

a high-performance wireless industrial router developed for 4G network access, dual SIM card socket design, supports

guide rail installation, IM. The product supports transparent data transmission, and is widely used in various scenarios such as business

data transmission, image transmission, equipment status monitoring and WiFi coverage. The device adopts a high-performance

32-bit processor, which can deal with various network protocols and massive network data at a high speed. The product supports

hot backup of internet, hardware watchdog and other practical features and wide voltage range power supply, people can get high

speed stable uninterrupted internet through our product. The product can work with a variety of industrial 4G modules to support different frequency bands.

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Multi-scenario&Round-the-clock service

The product is compatible with 2G/3G/4G, supports 4G to

wired, 4G to WiFi, made to meet the scenarios that are hard to do writing.

Through dedicated design of hardware and software, our

product can provide the round-the-clock uninterrupted high

quality service in various industrial scenarios.

  • Built-in high performance industrial module, compatible with


  • Dedicated software/hardware watchdog design and

VMM(Virtual Man Watch) mechanism

  • Intelligent hot backup to ensure uninterrupted internet
  • Failure detecting(auto reboot), reboot on schedule
  • VPN client
  • Dual SIM card sockets(Auto switching in failure)
  • Muti-type mounting(Desktop, Wall mount, Guide rail)
  • Supports in-vehicle use with extended power module


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