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EDUP IN Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light Smart Sunlight Simulation Voice Control Bluetooth Speaker

Product Model: A90

Product Description

EDUP IN Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

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  • This sunrise clock with sunrise simulation and natural sound wake up,don’t worry about the sunrise light not wake you up,when the alarm time rings,the nice natural sound can also wake you up.
  • The sun lamp alarm clock has a tap snooze button that can snooze for nine minutes and up to five snoozes. You can manual set dual alarms as needed. APP supports set four alarms and 5-60min snooze.
  • This wake up alarm clock sleep aids that make it easy to fall asleep to sunsets and natural sounds/FM radio.
  • Please connect the wake up light alarm clock to power with the adapter provided. The sun clock has a usb output port to charge your phone or electronics.
  • Package Includes:Wake Up Light Alarm Clock * 1 Power Adapter And Cable * 1 User Manual * 1

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About this item

  • Sunrise Function: Sunrise simulates is a nice gradual way to wake up. Wake up light sunrise alarm clock turns the light gradually on by itself 10/20/30/40/50/60 minutes(5-60min can be set with the app) before the alarm goes off,so it helps you to wake up slowly before the actual alarm time. You can choose birdsong,ocean waves,streams,original sound,wind chimes,soft music,and piano as alarm music as you want.
  • Bedroom Light and Atmosphere Light:Wake up light clock can be used as a bedroom clock and as an atmosphere light clock. Bedroom Light has 7 colors,can have color temperature adjustments from warm to cool bright,there are available 1% to 100% color temperature levels. Atmosphere Light has colorful,sunshine,stars,flame,gradient,ocean modes,works great for the kids.
  • Sleep Aid Function:Sunset simulates the process of sunset,aims to help you fall asleep easily. After enabled,the sunset light will dim gradually,and the volume of your selected nature sound will decrease with time. Wake up light alarm clock has 7 sleep aid sound,you can sleep with sound of crickets/ocean waves/rain/soft music/wind chimes/lullaby/piano.
  • Alarm Function:Wake up light alarm clock has dual alarms function(The APP can set four alarms and can set any time from monday to sunday). When the alarm rings,press to activate snooze mode to delay the alarm for 9 minutes(APP can set 5-60min snooze) and can snooze up to 5 times.
  • Bluetooth,Radio,WiFi Functions:The wake up light clock can be used as a speaker and can play music through a bluetooth connection. This wake up light clock also has a radio function,and the alarm sound can be modulated to your favorite radio channel. It can be connected to the mobile APP through the WiFi function,which makes the setting easier.
  • Corded Electric and Battery Backup:Wake up light sunrise alarm clock is corded electric(Adapter is included). There is a battery backup which keeps the time and your set in the event of a power outage or if you unplug it for whatever reason. Note that the clock and light do not function on battery power,it is solely for remembering the time.


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