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Server Network Card

EDUP PCIe Intel JL82576 DUAL 1GbE SFP Ethernet Network Card for Server

Product Model: EP-9661

Product Description

PCI Express X4 Network adapter adopts Intel a high performance Gigabit network controller JL82576EB ,By providing unparalleled features of virtualization, flexible features, and proven reliable performance, it solves the high requirements of the generation data center, it has dual 1Gps SFP port which can setup a long-distance link with a file server or a remote workstation.

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  • PCI-Express host interface specification v2.0with 5GT/s BUS width
  • Chipset: Intel JL82576EB
  • PCI-Express lanes: x4
  • Complies with dual port 1GbE SFP port
  • Complies with the 3abspecification
  • Layer 2 functions: IEEE 802.3x Flow Control – IEEE 802.1qVLAN
  • Supports Receive-side scaling (RSS)
  • Supports IPv4, IPv 6 protocols
  • Supports Jumbo Frames up to 9.5K
  • Supports UDP.TCP and IP Checksum offloading
  • Statistics for management and RMON
  • Support for virtual machines device queues
  • Next Generation VMDq Support (8VMs)
  • Interrupt throttling control to limit maximum interrupt rate and improve CPU usage
  • Drivers support for FreeBSD, Linux , VMWare ESXi, Win7/ Win-server2012/ Win-server2008/ Win8/Win8.1/Win-server2016/win10

EP-9661 for Industrial Network

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