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EP-AX900(S) 900Mbps Wifi 6 USB Bluetooth 5.3 Wifi Adapter for PC Win10/11: Free Driver vs. Driverless(Two version)

Product Model: EP-AX900/EP-AX900S

Product Description

Introducing our premium wireless adapter, offering blazing fast speeds and seamless compatibility. With a wireless transmission rate of 900Mbps and dual-band frequencies (2.4GHz: 286Mbps, 5.8GHz: 600Mbps), it ensures swift and reliable connectivity. Bluetooth wireless adapters are small devices that enable wireless communication between your computer and other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as headphones, speakers, keyboards, and mice. The pre-installed driver eliminates the hassle of online downloads. Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11, it supports both infrastructure and ad-hoc operation modes. Seamlessly compatible with 802.11b/g/n devices and Bluetooth 5.3. Please contact

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We have two specifications for this product: AX900 (non-free driver) and AX900S (free driver).

The free driver version is slightlymore expensive than the non-free driver. For specific requirements, please consult our sales representatives.

Wireless Transmission Rate: 900Mbps

Dual Band Frequency: 2.4GHz: 286Mbps 5.8GHz: 600Mbps

Driver: Pre-installed, no need to download online

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 and Windows 11

Operation Modes: Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc

Compatibility: Seamlessly compatible with 802.11b/g/n devices and Bluetooth 5.3

EP-AX900S(Driverless) or EP-AX900(drivers not pre-installed) FOR INDUSTRIAL NETWORK

With the future of home entertainment becoming more and more wire free, EDUP’s family of  Home Network devices take advantage of the latest in technology, bringing both entertainment and convenience together at last.