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Wi-Fi Router

High Speed 4G Hotspot MiFi

Product Model: EP-N9519

Product Description

This wireless data terminal is a completely conform to the International mobile network standard of LTE wireless data terminal, login the Internet anytime and anywhere, In business travel, a laptop or PDA with this wireless data terminal connection, Users can connect to the Internet in all mobile’s network coverage areas. This product can directly become a WIFI hotspot after turning on the power supply, and then users could be simple and convenient to build their own sharing network environment.

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The keys The power button
The WPS switch button
Restore the factory button (pinhole)
T card Upward compatible to 32 gb
WIFI    Support 802.11 b/g/n
The battery 2100 mah lithium battery
interface MicroUSB interface
Standard USIM interface
MicroSD interface
The antenna built-in


With the future of home entertainment becoming more and more wire free, EDUP’s family of  Home Network devices take advantage of the latest in technology, bringing both entertainment and convenience together at last.